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Five 20 Minute Tasks To Do Before 2016 Ends.

As your business winds down for the Holidays, you might find yourself with a bit of free time. 2016 with all of its challenges, wins, and "busy-ness"

is coming to a close. Our minds start moving on to the shiny new 2017 and all of the things we can do with those 365 days!

Before the year ends, I encourage you to pick one or all of these activities and spend 20-30 minutes wrapping up your year.

1) Call your top clients and say thank you. Calling with no agenda but to sincerely thank the person for doing business with you can warm your heart and theirs!

2) Read your Facebook and LinkedIn Profile as a viewer. Set a timer and don’t let yourself get distracted with reading your feed, just spend this time reviewing your information – make any updates from the year. Maybe throw on a new photo!

3) Clean up those subscription emails. A simple tool to use is Unroll.Me. A free service that will scan your emails, figure out which ones are subscription (meaning you had to put your email in to download something or join a list) and then you simply click through the list and tell it to Unsubscribe, Keep in your inbox or Roll into a daily roll-up of all those emails. This 20-30 minutes will save you hours over the next year!

4) Reflect: Take 20-30 minutes to look back at the year and make note of where you were January 1, 2016. Don’t forget to give time to celebrate:

  • Progress you made

  • New people you met

  • Lessons learned

  • How did you care for yourself?

5) Plan ahead as if it is December 31, 2017! Ask yourself: What will have had to have happened for you to consider the year a success? Type up a few sentences and place it in an appointment on your calendar on the 1st of the month – as a nice reminder of where you are going.

I am very fortunate and forever grateful to have a loving family, wonderful friends, powerful networking connections and amazing clients in both of my businesses, The Gift of Time and Success Magnified.

I wish each of you a peaceful and quiet end to this year and a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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